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Why Purple Era Coaching?

It’s not scary.
Let’s have a chat.

A brief summary of what is causing you to wake up at 3am maybe? Or something that you’re stepping into that is hugely exciting but you’re a tad anxious? Or something else?

And I’ll explain more about what you’ll be committing to (free of charge). If this works for you, and maybe even makes you feel a frisson of excitement, you’ll commit to 6 sessions. 90 minutes each at a total of £500.
We’ll start by booking in 2 sessions 2 weeks apart. The remaining 4 will be booked in to suit you. Following each session I’ll set you some homework. And we’ll work on your toolkit. You’ll love this bit.

Each session will be about you. Our take on your life. We’ll be a team.
There will always be a follow up summary of the session. And homework. We’ll always be action orientated.
Why it works?


We’ll look at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on inside your head right now, and most importantly, how you can start making changes and take action.

We’ll think about the present and the future.


Coaching doesn’t look back, we are where we are, and it’s time to move forward, step into your purple… Moving forward means honesty, and committing to taking action. I will coach you to come up with answers and an action plan. And I’ll bring my life experiences and lessons into play and advise when it’s the right thing to do.


My coaching ethos involves likening challenges to hills. And part of the process is to talk while walking sometimes. Trust me it works.


I’ll put you in touch with women who are on a similar journey. We’ll walk together. And you may get so inspired you’ll join us on our annual wellbeing retreat in Marrakesh.

Ready to step into your purple?